Resources for Speakers

Speaker’s Preparation Checklist 

  • Presentations – Due to high volume of presentations we will not be able to accept powerpoints via flash drive at the conference so all presentations must be submitted before you arrive.
  • Speakers breakfast – You will receive a ticket for the Speakers Breakfast with your conference badge so keep a look out for it when you pick it up at the conference.

WREF 2012 will feature breakout sessions in different formats:

  • Technical – these are similar to past ASES conferences and include brief presentations of research papers. Several presenters are grouped into each technical session. The sessions are moderated. If time permits, the session will include Q&A.
  • Forum – these sessions typically do not include a presentation of an academic paper but may include several speakers in a panel format. Forum sessions are led by a moderator/organizer.
  • Ignite – this is a new format this year. In coordination with O’Reilly Media and the global Ignite network, we will have several sessions at WREF that follow the Ignite format. Details and a video from Chuck Kutscher, Conference Chair, follow.
  • Poster – presenters will display the information from their paper in a poster format, and will be available for discussion at certain times.

Ignite Presentations

ignite_wrefThe Ignite-style presentation is a new format for this year’s conference. Ignite presentations follow a specific format:

  • 5 minutes
  • 20 slides
  • auto-advancing every 15 seconds.

If you have been to an Ignite event in your community, you likely experienced the blend of passion and expertise that one can convey in what seems like a short period of time.  Chuck Kutscher, Chair of the conference, provides a tutorial for preparing a successful Ignite talk. Below the video, you’ll also find links with additional resources.

Additional Resources

 Thank you to Dave Renne and Paulette Middleton for their expertise in the crafting of this video!