Conference Tracks

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WREF 2012 includes over 200 sessions including presentations of technical papers, forum sessions and panel discussions.  Click here for the detailed program.

This conference incorporates several notable gatherings and tracks:

The 41st Annual National Solar Conference, with these tracks:

  • Advancements in Renewable Energy Technologies (includes Low Temperature, Solar Hot Water, Solar Cooling, Solar Industrial Processes, Desalinization, Solar Cooking, Solar Drying, Photovoltaics, Concentrating Solar Power, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal, Water & Hydro Power, Ocean Power)
  • Energy Generation, Distribution and Transportation (includes Grid Integration, Resource Assessment, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Energy Storage Systems, Transmission, Smart Grids, Biofuels, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles)

The 37th National Passive Solar Conference, “The Built Environment” (includes Building Transformations, Energy Analysis, Daylighting, Materials and Components, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Integrated Photovoltaics, Ventilation and Passive Cooling, Thermal Comfort and Performance, Solar Communities and Cities)

The 7th Annual Renewable Energy Policy, Advocacy and Marketing Conference, “Finance, Policy, Marketing, and Workforce Development” (includes Effective Policy and Advocacy, Clean Energy Workforce, International Programs and Collaboration, Financing and Marketing Clean Energy, Communication and Education, Social and Economic Issues)

World Renewable Energy Congress XII

CRES – Colorado Renewable Energy Society Annual Conference, “Showcase Colorado”

World Renewable Energy Forum additional tracks:

  • Climate Change
  • Energy Access, Social Dimensions, and Environmental Benefits
  • Energy and Gender

Stay tuned for additional information about continuing education credits, plenary speakers and more.