Participating Organizations

sbseThe Society of Building Science Educators (SBSE) is an association of university educators and practitioners in architecture and related disciplines who support excellence in the teaching of environmental science and building technologies. SBSE’s goal of promoting and supporting quality instruction in building science is realized through a broad range of practical activities.

acoreAmerican Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. with member organizations from every aspect and sector of the renewable energy industries and their trade associations, including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and biofuels, hydropower tidal/current energy and waste energy.

ceeCentre for Energy and Environment is a multi-faceted organization that is focused on environmental development and facilitating efficient energy for global population.

sei_4Solar Energy International is a non-profit renewable energy education training organization.

iseaThe Illinois Solar Energy Association is a non-profit organization that promotes the widespread application of solar and other forms of renewable energy through education and advocacy. As the Illinois chapter of the American Solar Energy Society, we are the state resource for educational classes, events, renewable energy related policy developments, news and access to local renewable energy vendors.

minnThe Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) is a member-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Minneapolis in 1978 and incorporated in Minnesota in 1979 to promote the use of, and to engage in advocacy for, renewable energies in Minnesota through education and through the demonstration of practical applications. MRES is involved in education, awareness, and advocacy efforts for all forms of renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on solar technologies.

arkansasArkansas Renewable Energy Association





ocrenewablesOrange County Renewable Energy Society promotes the intelligent use of solar and renewable energy in Orange County, California.

kysesKentucky Solar Energy Society

KySES advocates for and teaches about efficiency, conservation and renewable energy in Kentucky.



eebEnergy Efficiency Business Coalition

The Energy Efficiency Business Coalition (EEBC) was formed in 2007 to provide organized representation for the numerous businesses with operations in Colorado that are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, installation, sales and marketing of energy efficiency technologies and services. The EEBC is the only organization in the nation whose primary focus is to increase the business potential of the energy efficiency industry, at the local level. The member-funded coalition works with utilities, municipalities, and state legislature to promote energy efficiency policies and programs that support the business objectives of the member businesses.

cgbglogoThe Colorado Green Building Guild is an association of building professionals dedicated to promoting healthier, resource-efficient homes and workplaces. We strive to advance the craft of green building; support our members’ environmentally-responsible endeavors; provide effective volunteer opportunities; and be the focal point for communication on green building. Our vision is to empower people to build healthy, resource-efficient communities.

nmsea_sun_dkredThe New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to promoting solar energy and related sustainable practices. NMSEA was one of the first organizations in the country, founded in 1972, to seek methods and ideas on how to use renewable energy, how small villages could live sustainably, and how to empower people through education about these issues. We are currently an all-volunteer organization. Our membership includes a diverse group of citizens including interested advocates of solar energy, architects, building contractors, engineers, educators, and planners specializing in renewable energy and sustainability.

mrealogowebandnameThe Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is a national leader and pioneer in the areas of photovoltaic, solar thermal, and small wind training. In its third decade of providing in-depth training. MREA programs are are known and respected in the renewable energy marketplace, and are designed to lead to national credentials. Join us for our nationally renowned Energy Fair the third weekend in June and our national conference for solar thermal professionals, SOLAR THERMAL ’12.

Arizona Solar Energy Association
State Chapter of ASES

core_logo_jpgCORE – Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy

CORE is a Colorado-based, non-partisan non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices and a more responsible economy. CORE is supported by membership fees and sponsorships. Our 200+ members include large corporations, small and midsize businesses, local and state government agencies, educational institutions and individuals.

prsealogo3-1Potomac Region Solar Energy Association

PRSEA is the chapter of the American Solar Energy Society serving Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and portions of surrounding states. Our purpose is to further the development, use of, and support for solar energy and related arts, sciences, and technologies with concern for the economic, environmental, and social fabric of the region.

wiselogoWomen in Sustainable Energy
Women in Sustainable Energy (WISE) is the only Colorado organization offering education, networking, professional development and leadership training for women at all stages of their clean energy careers and their lives. WISE members and guests come together to be inspired, to share ideas, enhance awareness and understanding, and to build competency. Through WISE, we will become skilled leaders, well-informed women, more valuable employees and better stewards of our environment.

w2h0Green Energy Ohio

Green Energy Ohio is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally and economically sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio. GEO is the Ohio Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.


logo_glrea-1Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association
The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association is a nonprofit organization that educates, advocates, promotes, and publicly demonstrates renewable energy technologies.

rmilogoRocky Mountain Institute
Our mission is to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources. RMI’s style is non-adversarial and trans-ideological, emphasizing integrative design, advanced technologies, and mindful markets. Our strategic focus, executed through specific initiatives designed to take our work rapidly to scale, is to map and drive the transition from coal and oil to efficiency and renewables.  We work extensively with the private sector, as well as with civil society and government, to create abundance by design and to apply the framework of natural capitalism.

resatotetemplateRenewable Energy Student Association
Renewable Energy Student Association (RESA), is a student chapter of American Solar Energy Society and a club affiliated with Austin Community College, whose intended goal is to promote the educational and professional success of current and future practitioners in all the fields related to the renewable energy field including but not limited to building efficiency and alternative technologies for automotive. We also connect students, organizations, educators and business in the renewable energy, building efficiency and alternative technologies for automotive We provide information about meetings, jobs, organizations, and other programs related to renewable energy, building efficiency, alternative technologies for automotive.